2017 Artwork

Randy Shaffer’s unique style of artwork explores philosophy, trauma and pop culture from an abstract, millennial lens, intigrating literally dozens of layers into each composition. By adding motion to several of these pieces, Shaffer brings a self-aware post-postmodernism to the idea of mixed media.

Below are samplings of Shaffer’s artwork from 2017. All images are owned and copyrighted by Randy Shaffer. No one is to use these images without written permission.

Image 245.jpg

Broken Hopes

Image 164

Molecular Cathedral


Broken Mind

Image 167.jpg

Sagan’s Dream


Inner Self

Image 164

Summer’s Window

Image 164


Image 164

Thor: Ragnarok –¬†Trailer (Ultra Long Exposure)

Image 164

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – Trailer (Ultra Long Exposure)

Image 164

Star Wars Day Vader Artwork: Honor Thy Father

Image 164

Liquid Thought

Image 164

Out There

Image 164

The Great Unraveling

Image 163

Conscious Awakening

Image 164

The Spark

Image 164

Inverse of a Storm