Randy Shaffer is a novelist, nonfiction writer, screenwriter, artist, photographer, producer, filmmaker, intertainer, graphic design guru, traveler, comedian, and cat owner.


Randy Shaffer was born in late January, 1981, to parents Lee and Nancy Shaffer, a tool and dye worker and a pharmaceutical technician. He attended Mentor High School, where he discovered his passion for filmmaking and creative writing. He later attended Wright State University and Kent State University, both in Ohio, where he further studied the principles of filmmaking, writing, journalism and graphic design.

Following college, Randy spent over a decade working in the journalism field, focusing his attention on film and television. During this time, he wrote thousands of articles, including film reviews, essays and celebrity interviews.

Feeling his passion for entertainment journalism dwindling, Randy decided to dive into philosophical research, where he has spent more than five years examining the nuances of millennials, sex positive philosophies and psychological therapies. He’s developed numerous screenplays, essays and books that explore his shocking discoveries.

During this time, Randy also launched a popular entertainment channel on YouTube where he produces more than 10 creative shows, in a variety of topics, with weekly videos.

Today, he has a thriving marketing business, two films in pre-production, and several books in process of publication. He has also fine-tuned his skills as a photographer, graphic designer and artist, with unique creations that draw inspiration from millennial culture and philosophical theory.