Introducing Permanently Geek

Amidst all of my books, short stories and essays, I have been working on a project that has been months in the making with countless hours of work by myself and my crew.

The culmination of all of that work (and fun) is a new YouTube network called Permanently Geek.

Permanently Geek is a channel designed by geeks, for geeks of all kinds. For myself and other geeks at Permanently Geek, geekdom or geek is not some derogatory term, but a mark of love, affection and passion for all things geek.

commentarytimeAnd that’s not limited to pop culture, but whatever you geek out about. Everyone’s got something that they truly love. You might geek out over sports or toys or comics, while someone else might geek out about books or food, makeup or pinball.

Our channel is about finding and hosting talented, creative individuals who want to share their passions with a community of like-minded geeks, and have a little fun along the way.

When I initially set out to make this channel over a year ago, it started as just a show about my friends and I playing really shitty retro games.

But as I began developing that show, I started to think about all the talented friends I’ve come to know throughout my 15 years in the entertainment business. I wanted a place where we could all gather and share our art, our comedy, our music, our stories and our ideas, with the world.

smashSo I started taking notes, coming up with a slew of show ideas for nearly everyone that I knew to deliver the kind of entertainment other geeks like me, or you, would want to watch. I pitched the shows, and one-by-one I gathered an absolutely remarkable staff of trusted entertainers, with whom I have lovingly dubbed, intertainers.

Our staff of geeks geek out about a wide variety of topics, from movies, music, games, food, art, toys, sports, clothing and style, makeup, animals – you name it. And we’re here to help build a community where other like-minded geeks can gather and discuss, share, and have plenty of laughs.

whatnotsmugsPermanently Geek is dedicated to providing high quality, humorous entertainment, and delivering that content on a daily basis – so you’ll always have someone to share in your geekdom. That is our promise to you all, and it’s a promise we plan to deliver.

Feel free to peruse our channel over the coming weeks. Our launch titles include a multitude of shows, music and comedy for you to enjoy. And there’s much more to come! If you like what you see, please subscribe on YouTube, and tell your friends. The more geeks, the better.

I truly hope you all enjoy Permanently Geek. All of us geeks are enormously excited to share our projects with you, and we can’t wait to see you again!

Permanently Geek.

Passion. Creativity. Humor. Joy. Geek.

Intertainer and founder of Permanently Geek

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