The Shining Totally Predicted 2016

It goes without saying, 2016 was a rough year for just about everyone. Between heated political divides, celebrity deaths and worldwide tragedies this has been a landmark year of suckage.

But did you know that master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick perfectly conveyed the story of 2016 in his 1980 cinema classic, The Shining?

OK … so he didn’t really predict 2016, but the film did make some rather odd predictions. For more on that, check out Room 237.

But for now, 2016 in three simple gifs:

Everyone at the beginning of 2016


Everyone in the middle of 2016


Everyone at the end of 2016


Let’s just hope 2017 isn’t this


Fingers crossed! 🤞

Peace, love & tacos,

-R. 🖖

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